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About The Grandhotel Pupp

grandhotel pupp czech republic
The famous Grandhotel Pupp was originally built in 1701 by Lord Mayor Deiml. At the time, it was known as Saxony Hall. Saxony Hall laid the foundation for this incredible hotel. The hotel continued to achieve great success over the years and it became the envy of many. The Pupp family acquired the adjacent Czech Hall which was built at a right angle to Saxony Hall. Czech Hall also achieved a lot of success as a hotel throughout the 19th century. At this time, Czech Hall was run by the Pupp brothers. In 1890, the Pupp brothers gained ownership of Saxony Hall. The two halls were combined into one hotel under the name “Grandhotel Pupp”. The modernization of the hotel took place in the 1920s.…

The Medieval Hotel Detenice, Prague

medieval hotel czech republic
The Czech Republic is known as an ideal place for tourist destinations. It has a variety of hotels that offer top-notch accommodation. Among them is the Medieval Hotel Detenice. It is located in Jicin District. The hotel is on the border of Cesky Raj near Mlada Boleslav. The Hotel Detenice is situated 69 kilometers from Prague. This means that you can drive for an hour to the hotel. It was launched in 2009 to start its operations. Originally, the hotel dates back to the 11th century during the medieval ages. It was founded by Duke Oldrich in the 11th century. He was traveling and he came across two orphaned boys. He decided to shelter them through some people living there. It is a medieval-themed hotel.…

Grand Hotel Praha in Prague

grand hotel praha - czech republic
The Grand Hotel Praha in Prague is a picturesque and desirable destination, located in Old Town Square in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The hotel is the perfect combination of history and comfort. It’s located on the King’s road, and parts of the edifice date back to the 14th century.

A Brief History of This Hotel:

Antonín Holeček, a gifted architect started work on the hotel in 1895. The first operator of the hotel was Mr. Alois Liška, in 1912. Unique is the name of the game, because the Old Town Square is the heart of historical Prague, and the Grand Hotel Praha allows a visitor to experience a historical atmosphere, with modern conveniences. The main shopping boulevard is only steps away, as…

Lebanon Hotels and Orbitz Coupons

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For the traveler, Beirut offers a fascinating array of architecture with churches and mosques standing side by side among the glass and steel of office buildings. The effervescent city features a variety of bars and restaurants that open their doors to visitors almost any time of the day too. Several premium hotels can be found in the city as well.

Coupons To Keep Your Budget Under Control:

Looking to take a trip to Lebanon but can’t afford it currently? There’s a myriad of cool budget-travel websites available that have promo codes that’ll give you $200 off a package vacation. Here’s the site we use most often for Orbitz promo codes and budget hotel prices. Our Top Picks For Beirut Hotels: For instance, the Golden

5 of the Best City Squares in Europe

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You can park your need to rent a car on your next trip to Europe: these city squares are pedestrian friendly and are truly breathtaking sites to behold. Use a hotel discount code to book a hotel in the city centre and you are ready to go. Many European cities have a central square which often serves as the city’s hub, central market place and main tourist location. In many cities, the central square is one of the main tourist attractions in its own right. Here are some of the finest city squares throughout the continent.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) is a defining feature of most Spanish towns and cities and the main square of Madrid is certainly no exception.…

Hotwire Promo Codes Make European Ski Holidays Affordable coupon code
You’ve always dreamed of skiing down the slopes of historic (and expensive) ski resorts throughout Europe: the Swiss Alps, the Zakopane in Poland, the list goes on. But then you look at the price tag of a trip to just one of these ski destinations and…the dream quickly dies. But luckily there’s some new Hotwire coupon codes over on Coupon Feed, that’ll cut the cost of one of these trips by 40%…including the lift ticket! Here’s the coupons we’re talking about: Now we can start planning our ski trip. But where to go? We’ve narrowed our list to these 6 (newly!) affordable ski resorts in Europe.

6 Affordable Ski Resorts in Europe:

  Skiing is rarely considered to be an affordable hobby, but neither is…