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Hotwire Promo Codes Make European Ski Holidays Affordable

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You’ve always dreamed of skiing down the slopes of historic (and expensive) ski resorts throughout Europe: the Swiss Alps, the Zakopane in Poland, the list goes on. But then you look at the price tag of a trip to just one of these ski destinations and…the dream quickly dies. But luckily there’s some new¬†Hotwire coupon codes over on Coupon Feed, that’ll cut the cost of one of these trips by 40%…including the lift ticket! Here’s the coupons we’re talking about: http://couponfeed.org/hotwire/ Now we can start planning our ski trip. But where to go? We’ve narrowed our list to these 6 (newly!) affordable ski resorts in Europe.

6 Affordable Ski Resorts in Europe:

¬† Skiing is rarely considered to be an affordable hobby, but neither is…